Osteoporosis myths: 5 Natural Ways to Bone’s Density improvement.


Does Osteoporosis is only linked with females who are getting old?

Absolutely no, it is the biggest misconception about it. One must clear his/her concepts about it to tackle it in a better way. Firstly we will see what this disease is about?

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones a person are affected and become weak. Osteoporosis is derived from the Latin word “porous bones.”

In this condition, people are vulnerable to fractures even while doing routine activities (walking or standing). This condition badly affects the bones of the spine, ribs, hips, and wrists. So, these areas are at high risk of fractures.

With this disease, the outside layer of the bones become weak and thin. The density of the bones reduces, and the spaces between the bones increase.

According to a survey conducted in Australia in 2018, around 924 thousand people were affected by osteoporosis. This is a huge number of people in only one specific country. This disease needs to be addressed properly to take preventive measures and adopt healthy ways to cure it.


Symptoms of osteoporosis

Most of the peoples don’t even know that they have osteoporosis. They come to know about it when they finally have a fracture because of it. Other than fracture, minor symptoms of this disease could be:

  • A person is having Backache most often
  • loss in the height of a person gradually
  • the person is having a fracture of the spine, wrist, or hip

Myths about Osteoporosis

Many myths are circulating in our securities regarding osteoporosis. These myths need to be rectified to adopt a positive and effective approach towards its treatment.

We will see those myths one by one.

Myth 1: Osteoporosis is a routing matter while you are aging.

Over time, every person loses some of his bone density. However, not every aged person needs to be affected by osteoporosis.

Myth 2: An older woman having European origin is only affected by Osteoporosis.

The fact is osteoporosis is prevalent in women because of a reduction in estrogen levels after menopause. However, it has no link with any person’s race, ethnicity, or gender. There are chances that men can have it (chances are lesser than in females).

Myth 3:  A person will not have osteoporosis if he/she drinks milk and do exercise regularly.

The fact is having enough calcium and vitamin D and doing exercise regularly will make our s=bones strong. However, many other factors result in increased chances of having osteoporosis.

These factors are following:

  • Family background of osteoporosis
  • Having fracture in adulthood
  • Being underweight
  • Being alcohol addict
  • Having other medical problems like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus or o female athlete triad, etc.

Myth 4: having a fracture is not a big deal.

The fact is most of the fractures are caused due to having osteoporosis. Fractures can have severe after-effects. According to an estimate, about 24% of people who suffered from hip fracture died within a year.

Treatment of osteoporosis

Is there no cure for osteoporosis?

Sad but true, YES, there is no cure for this disease. BUT one can take medicines to slow down this disease and to improve the conditions of the bones.

Osteoporosis can be treated with medicines and changes in the patterns of life.


The most widely used medicines for osteoporosis are known as bisphosphonates. Bisphosphonates are taken to provide an obstacle to the loss of bone mass. This medicine also has some side effects that one has to bear, i.e., upset stomach and heartburn.

Other than bisphosphonates, the second medication used for osteoporosis is denosumab. This medicine has to be taken constantly because sudden stoppage of it can lead to a spinal fracture.

Natural Ways to Bone’s Density improvement.

Other than medicines, one person can also adopt some natural ways to increase and improve his bone density.

Various natural ways can make the condition of osteoporosis with time.

We will explore them one by one.

1.      Calcium and vitamin D enrich the diet.

People with the disease of osteoporosis should have such a diet enriched in calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium makes the bones strong, while vitamin D helps the body to absorbs that calcium. We all know that milk is a major source of calcium. Other than milk, there are many other calcium sources, which are the following:  Cottage cheese, yogurt, salmon, spinach, turnip greens, broccoli, etc.

2.     Protein enrich the diet

Our bones’ fifty percent is made up of protein, so the intake of protein daily is essential for making bone strong.

According to research conducted in 2003, absorption of calcium in the bones is reduced by consuming a low protein diet. So one must have a well enrich protein diet to slow down the process of osteoporosis.

3.     Avoiding low-calorie diet

A diet having low calories should not be taken regularly (even if you want to lose weight).  This act will cause a reduction in the density of bones and will make them weak. So, a person must have a well-balanced diet with a minimum of 1200 calories a day.

4.      Healthy weight

A healthy weight is essential for strong bones. If a person is underweight, he has a greater risk of having osteoporosis..com.if a person is overweight; his extra weight will put greater pressure on the bones.  So, maintaining a healthy weight will decrease the chances of osteoporosis.

5.      Exercise

Not only diet but exercise can also play a vital role in making bones strong. A person should adopt Weight-bearing exercises in daily life to prevent osteoporosis. These exercises make the muscles move against the bones, which results in the formation of new bone tissues. Weight-bearing exercises include pushups, squats, stairs climbing, etc.


There is no such thing as too late or too early while taking healthy steps for strong bones. Every person must consult his/ her healthcare provider to consult about his/ her bone condition. With proper diet, exercise and medication, this disease can be prevented or defeated.

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  1. Its a very informative article; I have just realized that osteoporosis should not be treated as female only disease in our society…anybody can suffer from it and the remedy of avoiding low calorie diet is spot on ….this has become a natural trend in our youngsters of today:using low calorie diet to remain extra weight conscious.GOOD JOB !

    1. yes, I am 100% sure as I compile this article after doing proper research and I also go through various studies about osteoporosis. However, this article is written from a general perspective. The actual scenario and cure vary from person to person.

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