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To start credit card DSA we need to understand the banking process of credit card selling in the Indian market.

As banks are not giving credit card DSA directly from visiting banks branch or online process.   

What is DSA? What is the full form of DSA?

The full form of DSA is a Direct selling agent, who works for a fixed commission or pay-out as per the Approve application decided by the bank. The job of the DSA is to find the potational client as per the bank set guideline on a credit card application, DSA has to follow the policy of the bank for data management, telli-calling process & other detailed guideline set by the bank. 

Eligibility for the bank DSA.

To become a direct selling agent for a credit card, the person needs to register the firm as per their state guideline, current account as per firm name. Hire an employee telli-callers, Doc boy, and sales executive & need to set back-office.

How to get DSA licenses? What is the DSA registration process? 

After completing the above eligibility criteria, a person has to give these services to the bank connector. Bank connector already has a DSA code & the new person who wants to apply for a code have to give all credit card application to the connector to get the code and show their performance to a bank. If the pay-out is 3000 from the bank, the connector will pay 2300 or 2400. After giving the services for 6 months with good performance we need to approach the bank & area manager for code. If the bank is satisfied with your performance they will issue the code.

If people don’t want to go with connector they can directly approach the bank to visit the head office of the bank in your city. But there is less chance of giving code directly.

To find the address of the bank corporate office we just need to go on Google & need to type YES BANK CORPORATE OFFICE CITY NAME.

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Credit card DSA pay-out allocation.

The pay-out for a credit card from the bank is very clear on an application basis. If you are giving approved 100 applications to the bank, they will pay a fixed amount as per application amount E.g. (per application amount 3000/-(100*3000)) the total pay-out will be 3, 00,000/- Per Month.

The joining fee needs to take from the customer, all banks have different – different slab if you are charging less the pay-out will be less if charges are higher according to the credit card feature. The pay-out will be good if DSA is crossing the bank application slab in a month, the pay-out will increase. 

All banks have their pay-out structure & policy Standard Chartered bank is giving the best pay-out for a credit card in the market as per policy. We have various banks giving balance pay-out to their DSA, IndusInd bank, Yes Bank, HDFC bank, and SBI bank.

Credit Card Policy

Most banks are giving Credit cards to only salaried people who clear the below criteria. 

  • A salary of more than 25000/- P.M
  • Working in (A-B) CAT Company.
  • Required good CIBIL score 
  • Residential area should not in the non-blacklisted area.  

The second way is C2C(Card to Card basis) if you already have a credit card you can apply.

  • Card front copy is required (Without CVV) only for the embedded processor to Authorised bank agent with a proper identity card.
  • Credit card statement with the required available limit.

The third way is for Businessmen & professionals, the approval rate is very less.

  • Required IT Returns for 2 Years.
  • Need 10Lakh gross profit on IT Return.
  • Turnover must be more than 40 lakh 

The general required documents for a credit card. 

Identity and Signature Proof-  PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID card, Passport Aadhaar card, employee identity card in case of government employees.

Address Proof- Bank statement, Rent Agreement, telephone/ electricity/ water/ credit card bill, Voter ID card, Ration card, Passport, Driving License, or Property tax.

Income proof for Salaried Individual- Latest 3 months’ salary slips, Salary account bank statement for six months.

Income proof for Self-employed businessmen/professionals- IT return file for 2 years with profit & loss and other attached required document.

The profitability of DSA business. 

The profitability of DSA business is very good if DSA is giving average approved application to the bank & using fewer resources or DSA has 2 or 3 bank code to sell credit card he can make a huge profit with this.

How to sell bank products over the phone?

Many people having this type of question in their mind, but this is simple, just we need to understand the product’s future, make the perfect pitch for a customer, motivate the telli-caller with an energetic speech to convince the customer. 

Benefits of a credit card to the customer

As we know there are a lot of benefits of a credit card. But the best benefit of a credit card is an emergency, hospital, or any other required payment. Banks issue cards with the feature, online discount on Amazon, Flipkart, and other retail channels the bank came with more new features also they are:- 

  • Air Insurance 

Banks are giving air insurance to the credit card holder it’s a good feature for the traveller who is traveling most of the time by flight.

  • Auto assist services

if you are holding a credit card of the bank which is providing this service in there serve location than you can call simply there customer & ask about your car have a problem, they will send the car mechanic to you in free of cost this is called Auto Assist services 


If you are re-fuelling your Car & Bike on a petrol pump with a credit card your surcharge on petrol can waive as per bank type with a petrol pump.  


The card is stolen if a fraud transaction is happening bank will check & they will give protection against card transaction fraud, customers do not have to pay a single paisa to the bank. 


The customer has earned a good reward point they can make payment directly with this point to online buying, departmental shop or they can pay credit card bill.   


As per credit card holder bank giving list where they can use the airport lounge facility. If you are on an airport flight that is delayed you can check-in airport lounge & get Wi-Fi or snacks, lunch & diner as per the bank facility. 

  • Play GOLF   

Golf is a high profile game if you have access with your card you can check out the stadium and their club services.

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(* To know detail about the features of a credit card please visit the official websites of banks.)

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